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Take a photo, tell about the photo.You who will read what you read, but where is it?
Unpretentious, ready to read
and go, without navigator, just a pinch of adventure,and a splash of probable unexpected.This is traveling. One click, a Moleskine, and a map.


Writing, imprinting on an moleskine an event, a sensation, a place.
I composed a diary for every trip,where I wrote down what I saw through writing.I have told the places with our eyes. I have written about particular places where you should go at least once.Of course they are only fragments of life, crumbs that can enrich a trip even just by reading.



.. that's right, it's a journey
made of images of our do you travel around for the world.The photo, for those who observe it for the first time,can give rise to curiosity, amazement, and much more.
For us who publish them are our memory,that memory that over the yearsit can fade it can blur.
Images are salvation,love of on the camera
will take you to the photogallery.



July 1, the highway is waiting for us, we go out to Genoa and we take towards Savona, and we drive all the way up to Menton. It is always exciting to go from one state to another without showing any documents. After a frugal dinner in a French pizzeria, we look for the campsite. For me the first time.

We find it at Camping de la Lune in Eze we set up the tent and a very bad storm begins, I felt the water everywhere, to be my baptism of the campsite, it's not bad.

the next morning we dismantle everything to go down to the city. Montecarlo.

We start from the marvelous gardens with its walk, then we wait for the changing of the guard, very suggestive, we pause for a few tens of minutes of the hope of seeing some prince or princess come out, but nothing. I had read that they can also be crossed simply by taking a walk in the city and so we do, but not even a shadow of them. Now towards Cathedrale Notre-Dame-Immaculee at the back behind the altar the grave of Grace Kelly. Particular was also called Patrizia.

To conclude the transition to the principality we go to the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, a unique experience.Truly unforgettable. We say goodbye to Monaco and throw ourselves on the corniche to Nice.We decide to eat in one of the places that are on the Promenade des Anglais. Then a walk, to be able to say

"we did it too". We choose a campsite in the city so we are more comfortable, the choice falls on the Hippodrome.We wake up to the heat, consult our program and our next destination is Camarque, they say it is a paradise. After the highway the tunnel we finally arrive on the Route des Saintes Maries de la Mer that will take us to Saintes Maries de la Mer a village where the world ends.Caution Along the road we cross many gypsy caravans, already this because at the end of May, on the 24th and 25th we celebrate Santa Sara, the patron saint of the gypsies and the saints Jacobe and Salome, in Saintes Maries de la Mer. As there are millions and despite the prohibitions of the various cities they celebrate it equally all together. We are in early July and many are still around on the streets of the Camarque.

We travel the D570 for many km between salt marshes and farms with Camarque horses tied to the fences ready for the promenades, we arrive in the city. It is a beautiful country with all low white houses, blue shutters, the sun dazzles us, the humid heat forces us to increase the air conditioning in the car. Once settled in the campsite, at Camping le Clos Du Rhône we decide to stay a few days, to be able to savor its soul ... and unfortunately also mosquitoes. The next day we take a small cruise on the Petit Rhoane with the Tiki III. The trip was pleasant, on the banks of the river the herdsmen show their work, the bulls trample in front of our eyes, naturally touristic to the core, but still pretty. The next morning we get up desperate for the hum and the mosquito bites even today a hot day presents itself. We go to visit the Historical Museum of Camarque, km and km to walk in nothing, we were immersed in the fields, a very long path then occasionally a bridge to admire the animals and the view. Caution recommended only for those who do not suffer from the heat. We leave behind the torrid sun of the Camarque with its charm, its immense plain, its salt marshes, its avenues without electric poles and we head towards Aigues Mortes, a fortified citadel, immersed in the marshes, KIKKA the legend says that because of this derives its name, we stop for the night in Castries, the crickets did not make us sleep.  A female cricket can understand how big a male is by simply listening to the tone of the song.

Breakfast and off to Nimes and its gardens the Fountains, wonderful, then Avignon and its Popes' palace.We decide to go and visit the lavender museum in Coustelletaffascinating, they explain first of all the difference between the real one and the false one, then with videos and settingsalso specially build the process to make it liquid. Then at the end of the path there is the boutique, welcoming,and very fragrant, with colors that tend to lilac, in short, it turns the paper.For the night we stop in Villes sur Auzon is the municipal campsite, a few tents clean and fairly central. Camping life makes you make friends easily. We were close to the gentlemen, it was almost time for lunch, and we were setting up the tent, after doing so we were a little fatigued, even if it was shady the heat was strong. The gentlemen of the caravan next seeing us so exhausted invited us to take an aperitif with them, they were cute. They were French. For dinner we decide to eat pizza and we stop by Le Don Camillo.We dismount again, and head towards Sault, then towards the Gorges de la Nesque, the road is winding and the vertigo n

they are missing, fortunately there are points where you can admire the view, there are some points where it seems that the mountain swallows you up as the small tunnels have been dug out of the rock, and how its curves do not even escape to a small mistake of carelessness.We go quietly down to Senanque there are still flowery fields we are lucky, we find at the crossroads carts decorated with tulle, bows, straw and lavender both loose and packed in tufts tied with every material, spotless pads that you can not avoid buying. Some girls are dressed in costumes. In the meantime, the weather has become a little darker, let's just hope it doesn't rain. We wander through the fields, switch off the engine and get out of the car, the eye is lost in the intense lilac, almost blue and between the buzzing of bees and the chirping of cicadas we get lost in looking for the right shot for a photo, it must be everyone costs as beautiful and penetrating as this fairytale landscape. Then follow the road, which descends and the eyes have no boundary, an immense expanse with the abbey visible.Arrived, immediately a photo at the edges of the fields, we had to wait a moment for the crowd that was there to take the classic photo, then the visit inside the cloister, wonderful, and the final shop where the friars sell everything they produce.We resume our wandering around France, our schedule now says Orange, in the meantime the weather is failing, hopefully it won't rain. Here we stop for one night.This morning we got up early because the next stop is Bourges In addition to the majestic Cathedral of Sainte Etienne, which with its presence destroys everything else, there are also pleasant gardens Le Jardin de l'Archeveche, practically exit and go behind the cathedral and enter this garden, which by savoring the scent of roses you can admire not only the imposing cathedral but also its flying buttresses and absolute tranquility. Orleans awaits us. We arrive in the late afternoon so we look for the campsite and the choice falls on the municipal one. The passage of tourists makes it chaotic and messy, but so much is only for one night.Finally the much dreamed castles we start with Chambord I do not reveal anything of what you have already read around, in the early afternoon towards Blois, and then Chaumont sur loire deserves a visit also the immense park awaits us that of Chenonceaux for me the best of all those visited, it seems to be in a fairy tale. We stop here to sleep, not in the castle, in one of the many campsites. We disembark and go to Amboise, it welcomes us with its Castle, here we also catch Italian braids, leonardo da vinci. We stopped in the evening de it's a show wonderful.We also visit the Azay le Rideau Renaissance style castle to end the tour of the castles we also do Villandray, not so much for the chateau, but for its garden with vegetable garden, a glance that until now I had never seen, I am remained dazzled. A well-assorted color palette. We leave behind all this opulence, this pomp and we dive on the highway towards the ocean, Autoroute dell'oceane, towards tranquility. There are more Italians in the Loire Valley than in the rest of France. We arrive in Saint Nazaire in a nearby village and stop for a couple of days to catch our breath, and to make local mind that the holidays are over, and that we have to plan the trip for the return.Trip finished.France has won the world football championships and for us by a hair they didn't make us "blue". Yes, on the last evening, that of the final, we went out to eat, the French were all back

electrocuted, unleashed, drunk. At a roundabout, near our campsite, guys were crossing the road on the strips with mugs of beer in hand. We stop, one of them notices the plate, it was the end. These two guys called the others who were sitting at the bar, so a horde of drunks rushed around a twingo around the car and wanted to overthrow it and make us say "Viva le Blu". Luckily then they shouted from the bar to come back ...the boys turn around, one stays with the foot under the tire, but we put the first gear and go, great escape ... what a panic.


Total 4828 km spent in £ 3,065,063 the petrol  costs around £ 1653 and a franc is worth £ 1575



Below is our showcase on the world. We liked being able to share our creations with the web objects, all completely handmade. For each object you will find a description and its use. It is obvious that being unique pieces, they cannot be identical, because precisely created one at a time, with patience and passion.if you have any ideasacome up when you see them, just contact us and your project will be carried out together.



.... if you have come up to here, we thank you with this latest gem.Take a look inside this room and you will find little stories from our life.




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