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Take a photo, tell about the photo.You who will read what you read, but where is it?
Unpretentious, ready to read
and go, without navigator, just a pinch of adventure,and a splash of probable unexpected.This is traveling. One click, a Moleskine, and a map.


Writing, imprinting on an moleskine an event, a sensation, a place.
I composed a diary for every trip,where I wrote down what I saw through writing.I have told the places with our eyes. I have written about particular places where you should go at least once.Of course they are only fragments of life, crumbs that can enrich a trip even just by reading.



.. that's right, it's a journey
made of images of our do you travel around for the world.The photo, for those who observe it for the first time,can give rise to curiosity, amazement, and much more.
For us who publish them are our memory,that memory that over the yearsit can fade it can blur.
Images are salvation,love of on the camera
will take you to the photogallery.

New York travel diary 2005







Until Malpensa they accompanied us we left home at 10.30.

Arriving at the airport at 11.30 am, as a precaution, we wrapped up the large suitcase

7 euros we also bought the columbus which is the phone card, in our opinion very much.

Convenient and convenient, it is valid both in the USA and in other states and if you do not consume it, you can also end it. In Italy 12 euros x 60 minutes of conversation, it is finally 2.45 pm and we are taking off with 20 minutes of delay the company is Lufthansa in that moment the most convenient (a / r x2people with a stopover in Frankfurt 780 euro purchased all via internet)  Let's go back to the trip, after a short stop and change of plane we are back on board this and a Boing 747 is definitely more comfortable than the previous one, of course before going up we passed another personal and hand luggage check, a shrewdness, if you have an e-ticket they don't make you queue at the check, but they make you validate it at the machine, precisely avoiding queues, but not in all airports there is this possibility, I said comfortable for me, for roby we asked for another luckily the hostess found it, so if you are of robust build and very tall when you ask for a ticket ask for a chasee longue armchair . the service is very attentive and cared for, they served us breakfast, dinner, drinks    moistened tissues before every breakfast or lunch (lukewarm) nobody speaks Italian, to finish the trip they give us the usual document to be filled in for American immigration, just pay attention to the instructions they sell explained on television and you will fill it in correctly. A rrivati ​​.... finally in New York the JFK airport is huge, it has 11 terminals ( M alpensa has only 2) all ordered we enter a huge hall where there are about twenty branches that are customs all lined up.One family at a time is passed through these gaps and taken the fingerprints and the photo of the eyeball, handed over the immigration sheet a few questions and then ... .. going towards the exit in the big apple ... we arrived at about 9 pm local time just outside on the left we left the vaucher for the shattle (that is, from home we booked the minibus to the hotel with an agency and we also paid for it via the internet cost about 13 euros) a little man arrives, but ... perhaps Pakistani the which after having scarrozzato for all the terminals (as I said before are 11) at the end he collected 6 other people here we are ... ... ... we enter the city 'what a thrill ... .., here it is how many lights he is a little reckless and our thought is that we will arrive safely at the hotel, but it was a moment the charm of the lights takes us, and after a few stops for the other taxi components we arrive at Milford Plaza on the 45strada, we give the tip here we are first impact with the tips we give $ 2 enter (the hotel we have it already is a paid internet EUR 1,130 x 6 days 7 nights room only, be careful if you book online you do not ask the bed otherwise you book one and a half square instead are usually 2 squares and a half for each room) we go back we go up the escalators (comfortable !!!!) and here the reception very rude maybe tired, they give us the electronic card for the room located on the 14th floor we give the porter 3 $ ( but definitely he wanted more 'but ... ..)' cause it leaves the room a bit 'altered, we Stanc h i settle the clocks for the following day putting them six hours more' back.     




First day


We get off that emotion ... alone ... in this city not to believe… ..we come from Milan we feel like villagers not citizens, people are not so much because it is a party and soon we take the 6ave at 1028 we find a bar for the juice orange 2 sweets 2 coffees their long totates $ 16.60 (not a little) we turn to the 34st at 261 we find a souvenir shop, and we stop as good tourists we spend a few dollars for the gifts to take home, we finally find the large sizes, which I can choose between jackets, sweaters, shirts and underwear in Italy is a nightmare to find the maxi sizes, in short, we go out with a few bags and promise to go over before the departure, on the roads you can only see taxis that form a very long snake yellow "mythical", now we head towards Central Park, to see where the New Yorkers spend on Sunday in fact there is a tremendous crowd, but once wrapped in the green of the park it seems to be in the countryside, the traffic is gone and the horns vanished. We walk a bit in the park we see the ponds the bridges the squirrels that cut the road, in short, an oasis of tranquility in a chaotic city like NY. Now we go down the stairs to take the subway (here is another experience ...) with $ 10 you do 4 rides + 2 free (because we took the carnet at the newsstand) after obliterating and passing the counters pay attention to the names shown on the carriages " espress "and" local "the first stops only

at the stops setting the second it makes all the stops so if you are not expert I recommend the local.There are 25 lines that intersect each other, they are fast, but be careful there is always a voice that warns you of the presence of pickpockets on board, (we have them too) we get into the carriage and project ourselves in the film gosht, in in the meantime, the 5 pm already arrive, we go up to the room to rest a bit, to be able to face the New York evening in full force; at 10 pm we have one of the many Italian American chains that we find 2 pizzas, cheap as flavor 1 water 1 coke $ 15.59 the rooms to eat the meal are under the premises, clean bright huge this is in Time Square right where is our. hotel   

We walk among people and the hour of rest arrives.




                                                                          Monday 9 May 2005


Second day


8 am nyc

2pm Italy

Early in the morning we walk towards the 125 of park ave where we will find the Volatour New York headquarters, we have taken the 43st and the park ave, you can't go wrong the avenues are vertical the streets are horizontal here we are at the Volatour here we work Maria we know her because 'from' I talia before we left we had called for clarification on the internet bookings and it 's why we had a point of reference, we meet Mary busy with bookings and flights, but there is dedicating a bit' of time in order to book a tour for the same evening to visit brookling by bus and dinner at Rockefeller center, $ 130, then we decide to also choose tours for the following days with $ 528 we book a 10-minute helicopter ride on NY and statue of liberty ', then visit to harlem with gospel included, cruise of about 3 hours, and a booklet for museums such as the Moma, the museum of natural sciences, the Empire State Building. and the Guggenheim museum. It also delivers some map of the city à and metro and there by appointment for 19

Once out of Volatour we go back and stop at the Empire to visit it, we had taken the tickets on the internet and we were holding them and they are different from the others purchased on the spot in fact after having done about 30 minutes in a queue (the wait could have been from 2 at 3 o'clock seen the river of people in front of us) a controller saw the tickets and made us get out of the queue and go through a preferential lane that is reserved only for this type of booking, but we cannot escape the control of backpacks and jackets, airport type, we go up with about 15 people to the 80th floor then we take another one with about 6 people to face the last 6 floors section we finally arrived it's a wonderful day, luckily clear and windy the best for photographing and videofilming as much as possible even if people crowd the very high metal nets , which eliminate any suicide attempt, the landscape is spectacular now he is the most ù top of the city down there ù small children are seen Biscioni yellow taxis are one of the most transportation ù frequented by citizens, because 'maintaining a private car and' unthinkable for the lack of parking, for payment of tolls for the 'entry into the city à and the traffic is already a chaotic way' at the end of the empire reportage go down, but we will take the photos they had taken the entrance us with the background of the skyscraper are too expensive exit we deliver with two good 15% discount in a refreshment right under pasta and pizza that hunger ......... 2 portions. Attention their portions are giants as everything else is worth a visit if you are a bit confusing in those parts, but the pasta is excellent ($ 15) now we take the now practical meter of the vehicle we go to Ground Zero once on the sidewalk in front of the crater where there were the two twin towers, a shiver runs through our backs there are gravestones that bear all the names and you can see people with albums in their hands who want to tell you about the tragedy that hit them, it is chilling to see on the left side where there are still all the photos the writings the teddy bears, rather than some flowers hanging on the grates that divide that immense nightmare from everyday life, I do not know if it was a case but there was no horn that sounded ... maybe a coincidence ... or a sense of respect that the citizen has towards that place. We take the subway and return to the hotel tonight we have an appointment with Maria, at 19 on the 6ave an the 52st golo at the jolly hotel awaits us to load us on the bus and let us visit comfortably seated some districts of ny the first is Greenwich Village we go down it is a rock and ex hippy area and frequented by gay there is also a dedicated garden Maria tells us that all the skyscrapers from 19 onwards are turned on and from that hour until the morning the bill pays the municipality so 'ny do it for safety and to emphasize the charm of the city to tourists, so saying we face the Brooklyn Bridge, we go down to the famous pier to take countless photos, it is a show as in the films then on foot we cross the entire river, gazing ecstatically at the sky line of all illuminated skyscrapers. w. Allen) very fascinating all those lights, but you see that something is missing between the skyscrapers, they are missing,…. the towers. Now after doing this tour we take the bus back and go to Alfredo's dinner at the Rockefeller Center.             



Third day


                                      Tuesday 10 May 2005 wishes 25 years of  marriage                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

6.45 am ny

12.45 hours Italy

The morning hour is given to be able to call home.

However even today we have a tour day of ny appointment with Rene 'on the 6ave and the 52st on this site there is the information of New York very useful, the bus headed for Central Park a walk through the gardens the storks the turtles in one of the many squares there is a mosaic dedicated to John Lennon, then towards the 6th ave and towards Broodway we passed from the Village and Soho Little Italy and Chinatown, Civic center and Wall street where we photographed the famous bull, and up to the point where the statue of liberty is closest to the earth Battery park, and we go up to Ground Zero and on up to 42 st all volatour (it is 13.30) and we from Grand Central we walked up to pier 67 for the helicopter tour along the whole 42st up to the Hudson river and we went down to pier 67 in the walk we stopped for a quick sandwich at 2.30 pm we were at pier 67 after having delivered the vaucher we paid $ 6 for the insurance after a short time first aid folding (booklet in Italian) we go up by helicopter my position is behind the pilot we fly over the pier and then we head towards the statue of liberty the day is beautiful and therefore the view is a show, the statue tells us the pilot can no longer be visited, you can go down to the island but turn only at the foot of the statue and visit the island of the emigrants, after this explanation we fly over Hudson river and we are already back, too bad, it really deserves a trip in helicopter, maybe the long one.After these memorable experiences we take the road back strictly on foot so we live the city we take the 34 st and after covering it for a while we stop at Conway where we buy other souvenirs shot on Broadway in a moment we are in Time square, that way ... the cup who smokes your computer with the keyboard and writes the palace N Asdaq that real-time quotes under the building with accomplished c ' is internet cafe is what you can get with $ 1 you sit at a desk any and you connect with whoever you want, for example we connected with friends in Milan, then we downloaded our. mail of our. computer the time of $ 1 is about 20 25 minutes, at the exit we found a place where they make a coffee is   a little expensive, but too good Starbucks $ 1.75 per cup, we walk the 44st and down 8ave and here we are at the hotel tired, but satisfied with the unforgettable day, every time you go up before the lift you have to show the card (key) and security is 17.30 we cooled down and rested, it's the twenty-fifth and so we go to dinner at a restaurant at 147 43st Tony's we enter the ' environment' enjoyable medium to low light menu and 'hung the enormous walls so' everyone can read it without waiting for the waiter and 'empty seeds and 22.30, the reason is that we are in the area of ​​the theaters, and therefore either they have already passed or they arrive later, however we take 1 plate of straw and hay and he explains that they are for 2 people 1 san pellegrino 2 glasses of chardonnay 2 expressed 43.94 attention the tip is 20% to go fast just double the iv a and the tip is done The restaurant deserves for its harmony and courtesy and the food is excellent not to be missed.      





Fourth day


                                                                   Wednesday 11 May 2005 


Ore 7 nyc

1pm Italy

Appointment for the visit of Harlem first we have breakfast at Starbucks about $ 7 and then we go between the 42st and the 8th ave to take the bus that takes us to visia between the various areas the guide says that Harlem is called the hill of sugar because it is those who lived there had some money from a home floor of 4 costs $ 2,000 per month in Harlem today live there for about 25% of the white population and pass in front of the Columbus University a boy studying in this school costs about $ 40,000 a year and informs us that even in Harlem today you can walk safely because it has been cleaned of crime, even Bill Clinton has an office in the heart of Harlem, now we go down we enter a church to attend a religious service accompanied by gospel songs it is very enthralling, everyone claps their hands and sings and so we get involved too. Once the function is over we take the tour again, we see the Milcon Mix mosque. In the afternoon we go to the Natural Museum of ny then we take the subway local from time square to the 79st central parck and here we are at the museum it is not very organized it is not explained the sense of the visit the settings are a bit old, in such an active modern city, a museum so in my opinion is out of time, tired we go out and take a taxi ... on the fly ... as they do and with the cardboard in hand for the address brings us to the destination what a thrill ... .. taxis start with $ 2.5 we found a large size shop on the guides in the hotel and here we are between 107/106 on 34ave we bought some clothing (said between us always carry an empty suitcase otherwise you risk having to buy it like us) at the exit we take the metro and go down in time square now the metro has no more secrets (ps when you finish the card you don't throw it you make it recharge in the cabinets under the meter).     



Fifth day


                                                                        Thursday 12 May 2005 

8 am nyc

2pm Italy

Busy day, we take the 43st towards the sea to reach Pier 83 for the cruise

On the street we have breakfast $ 11 (sometimes breakfast costs more than dinner) at 11.30 we set sail the day is beautiful and sunny, what it takes to be able to capture these images these skyscrapers reflecting on the water we pass the bridge of Terrazzano where the famous marathon passes and we arrive up to the statue of liberty from below looks squat and plump, we do not get off, the ferry runs as we see it from another angle, next to it is the island of emigrants ( even our Italians were here in quarantine before being able to tread the US soil, poor people), a sailboat passes by us with the brookling bridge in the background a photo is a must.It is essential, on the return when we go down we stop to visit The intrepid large aircraft carrier of the second world war, inside you can get on the Concorde stopped in March this year is very narrow and small, then we get on the aircraft carrier from 42 usa and it is immense with all and those narrow stairways uninhabitable engine room cabins  on its platform there are about 10 fighter planes there is our tricolor arrows there is the invisible black american one it looks like a manta ray, inside the aircraft carrier there are combat helicopters flight simulators bulletin boards with finds from the various wars . really interesting was in the carnet that we had purchased from the volatour.we take the road home the 46st, but at 536 west 46 st we find the shed of the salvation army, we enter, a whole floor full clothing used of course there are several people are still heads all washed it deserves a visit for dinner we go out at 11 pm after having rested a little bit, so it is always completely open, in fact pizza from Sbarro, a quick visit to the internet cafe to see our. mail and we head home.





Sixth day


                                                                      Friday 13th May 2005 

8 am nyc

2pm Italy

Today guggehneim museum we take the 103st and pos 86st and here we are at the museum one of the most famous in the world, but in the period that we went there were no exhibitions the continuous works are those of Picasso, Cezanne, Kandinski, but still deserves a visit just to admire these artists for the return we skirted Central Park, that is the legendary 5th street , windows of Gucci, Tiffany, Pucci, Zara follow one another and many eyes light up and as usual there are many people who you have to push yourself to be able to see the windows, it is 5 pm and we have reached Time Square so we decide to book the taxi for the return to the Volatur with $ 60 he will pick us up and take us to the airport.  







                                                                      Saturday 14 May 2005 


6 o'clock nyc

12 noon italy

We get up early because it is the day of departure and then also prepare the suitcase in pi ù that for ò fortunately nothing involves airport for luggage weight.

We take your bags and leave them in the hotel car park luggage for ò nasty surprise must pagare6 $ 6 $ for the morning and for the afternoon after this we go to Moma, another museum not to be missed for any reason the structure and 'special from a Picasso here too there is Renoir, Ravera, Worlok etc.

The holiday is finished.

The taxi as established took us to the airport, on the way back to Italy, by now I noticed that they broke my suitcase, but without taking anything away, patience on the whole the journey went wonderfully well.I hope that with my story, maybe every once in a p ò too wordy, I have made you see enire want to visit, there is always an experience to tell. 





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