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Take a photo, tell about the photo.You who will read what you read, but where is it?
Unpretentious, ready to read
and go, without navigator, just a pinch of adventure,and a splash of probable unexpected.This is traveling. One click, a Moleskine, and a map.


Writing, imprinting on an moleskine an event, a sensation, a place.
I composed a diary for every trip,where I wrote down what I saw through writing.I have told the places with our eyes. I have written about particular places where you should go at least once.Of course they are only fragments of life, crumbs that can enrich a trip even just by reading.



.. that's right, it's a journey
made of images of our do you travel around for the world.The photo, for those who observe it for the first time,can give rise to curiosity, amazement, and much more.
For us who publish them are our memory,that memory that over the yearsit can fade it can blur.
Images are salvation,love of on the camera
will take you to the photogallery.

Travel diary of France 2007


by motorbike


Eastern Pyrenee, Aude, Henault, Gard, Areche, Drome, Valcluse, Alpes de haute provence.


Saturday, 23/06/2007


The courage ship awaits us in Genoa with departure at 9.30 pm is 5.15 pm the maxi scooter xciting 500i is loaded and so we start we take the Milan Genoa there is a lot of air, both arrived in Genoa and are 7 pm , 15 we queue for the ticket, under a tunnel we inhale a healthy mouthful of tailpipes, but after about 10 minutes we arrive at the embarkation I go up to room 5 with me I carry the bags and the backpack I already have on shoulders I sit on my chair, after Roberto's arrival, we realize that we had to share all those hours with uncivilized, rude people, in fact for the night they also lie down on the ground also having meals hidden under the armchairs, what animals, luckily they weren't Italian. (2 armchairs + 1 motorbike € 270.50) finally we leave and it's time   22.30 for dinner we go to the only restaurant (for two meals for two people we spent about 80 €) (breakfast 8 €) all barely passable, finally we arrive in Barcelona and it is 16 on 24 June, I go down and I wait more than 45 minutes Roberto who could not get off because the trucks could not get off the ship, but ... here it is the first bikes arrive we immediately go to France, we take the ring road so I think it is towards Girona, we make the first full on the motorbike we arrive at the old border there is a bit of a queue because they have not eliminated the old cages and therefore the traffic has slowed down Our beloved France arrived in France, it is 9 pm and we arrived at the campsite concierge is open, they give us the keys and les draps + d'oreiller the chalet is really welcoming we had booked it via the internet (6 nights 202 € Les Galets Argeles Sur Mer), we unloaded and we go to have dinner at the pizzeria just outside the campsite awaits us. 




First day on dry land and 'cloudy, we go to Carrefour to make a small spesina (lacarta carrefourpass as usual does not work ... grgrgrgr !!!) we fill up (attention in france there are two types of petrol from 95 or 98 octane and prices change drastically from one pump to another not to name names, but the Total is the highest from 1.41 to 1.48 the least expensive carrefour and super U from 1.31 to 1.33 these are those that we crossed) We go to the sea the day is also very windy and the air is pungent the beach as usual is clean and the town is very well kept 26/6 / 2007The weather is splendid but there are 20 degrees brbrbrb !!! Breakfast at home the chalet is welcoming and comfortable, clean half morning we take the N114 towards COLLIOURE fortified, beautiful towns, the walls run along the coast and then end up in a fortress the beach is protected by the walls, the wind and the castle creeps it can be visited, after a few photos we stop for a quick meal 2 creps (cinnamon is sublime) we resume the N114 which leads to BANYULS SUR MER (to spain) in the meantime the weather threatens water and the wind increases, but we visit the town that hides a very harmonious marina, where boats of all kinds sway at the bottom of the promenade, a monument carves itself into the gloomy sky, the village is an oceanographic research center, we go home for dinner a pizza in the city the walk is very pleasant in the midst of maritime pines and dwarf palms the wide and clean sidewalks welcome many families with dogs who make their evening promenade, then we find the market for tourists or stalls that are open only in the evening and give a further touch of vacation.   




Good morning the weather is like yesterday, indeed the wind has worsened because it blows harder, but with our Xciting 500 we put on the N114 x PERPIGNAN the city is busy we park at the entrance of the Palais des Rois De castle Majorque with 8 € you can visit it certainly is not furnished, but the guide written in Italian, which is located at the entrance, explains the court life with its background and the explanations of the various rooms that wind from a corridor to another and then ending on a terrace overlooking the city, the gardens that line the Tet river are not to be missed, we stop just beyond the bridge to eat a sandwich, now we take the 617 x CANET then the 81 that takes us to the salt lake of De Leucate Ou De Salses we stop to attend some performances on Telesky we sit by the lake and enjoy the show, of these guys who are dragged by a handlebar on which hangs on a ca I want to walk along a piece of lake all standing on a table, (well there is also at the seaplane base for those who are from Milan).   




Today we have the clouded sky, after a hearty breakfast we take the N114 x BOULOU then the N115 to AMELIE where just before the village you have to turn right for a bridge that leads to PALALD N618 from there you begin to rise gradually until you are swallowed up from nature, a succession of curves lead you to SAINT MARSAL here we stopped in the only restaurant / hotel that wax we order a cheese plate each The rations are not abundant the price aime 'yes, we continue towards BOUTEFERERE, then towards THUIR from here onwards the road is a little busier than before (also pay attention to the capacity of your tank because in France when you enter the secondary roads even if they lead to villages they never have a distributor, so be careful of the km to do ) the km of this lap are approximately 100. 




Today I rest at the swimming pool and the sun as the wind blows at the sea and we stay in the camping, in the evening we went to the city to eat the Mulas Frites in this restaurant with 19 € you could eat at will of both mulas and chips, you just had to introduce yourself at the counter with the dish that filled you that I made a lot of encore.




Levataccia is the Saturday of the departure and we leave Les Galets for the adventure, last night we surfed the internet (3 € 60 minutes) we are forced to look on the internet because on a motorbike it is a mess to consult the map, both on the street that for campsites, but Roberto made a disturbance, ie in front of where the windshield is installed, there is a slit, closing it has turned into a nice little velcro drawer a transparent envelope-like cut folder gluing the other part of velcro and the game is done, but not for this you can consult it continuously and then we left for PERPIGNAN then the E15 x NARBONNE Perpignan Narbonne 86 km then for the N113 Narbonne Bezier 27 km towards AGDE on the N112 and again towards VIAS here we are arrived now we just have to find a campsite in this area there are many we take the road to VIAS PLAGE at the bottom there is the sea on the right we find a campsite right behind the dunes (mh! how nice) Les Mas De La Plage cha let who have assigned us including draps e'moderno functional with air conditioning (today it takes just a crazy heat maybe it will be the helmet and jacket ....) we decide to stay until Thursday morning.   




Here it is seen that today they could go to the beach the weather is bad so afternoons rest saw a lightening they could not take advantage of it and we went to CAP AGDE these villages are all the same very tourist for the evening dinner in a restaurant on the le mules frites will or with 19 € you can eat mules and frites until you are satisfied, that goodness they put a bucket on the table then with two bowls go to the counter and return to the table when the bucket is full of shells empty it in the maxi bin and so on until you are satisfied, what ate !!!!  




It is a much better day than yesterday as it rained, even if there is the north wind. We also went to the market in VIAS which winds along the promenade along the sea, then we take the highway 9 for SETE in for a moment you are on a very large state road with the beach on the right and left sea to get to the city, cross this very long and panoramic strip of land, Sete is a little busy, it winds through the port bridges and the thousand streets where it is easy to get lost.


3/7/2007 absolute rest horrible time  


4/7/2007 ditto terrible time  




Parties camping (€ 212) we take for MEZE N113 then for MONTPELLIER the wind is very strong the gusts are violent (that beard there is no respite) we will read tomorrow that the wind speed today is 90 km at now, but you have to continue we put on the N113 for NIMES we go down to the city so they rest us a bit from the wind, but without wanting to find ourselves in the pedestrian zone where there is the opera house, we can no longer get out the signs are not there, the signals are really scarce after 30 minutes of panic we take for ORANGE and then for NYON here on the national road we find LE SAGITTAIR four-star campsite have availability ', but they are very quirky in taking the data, we stay up on Saturday morning, the camping is one of the super organized ones swimming pools with slides tennis courts gyms two parking lots a supermarket a cinema, well, after this certainly tantalizing facade, we find that the chalet is a bit run down or the water from the sink it does not drain, the water heater loses, and we say that the covers were not really clean, luckily the sheets given to us in the logo were washed and ironed there was no air conditioning.




Towards provence we take the from Nyons the D94 x ROSANS then SERRES via N75 xSISTERON to LA RANGE MONTEGRIN D942 this road has pruned us in SEDERON then the 542 in SAULT the path so far has led us to green and soft panoramas that wind for hills and city traffic, but from SAULT the show changes the color of the green meadows before turns purple and is lost to infinity until it meets the sky this throughout the valley in this month the lavender fortunately has not yet been cut , and the view is truly unique then the D164 for the suggestive Nesque gorges up to CARPENTRAS, very winding but worthy, certainly the asphalt is not the best but the trip pays off for this commitment, after about 20 km of serpentine road we arrived at state CARPENTRAS D938 MALACENE then the D538 total house about 240 km.  




Here we are again ready for departure, (the sagittair € 126.32 + € 200 deposit returned at the end of the stay after the inspection of the service staff), but we already know where to go to ROSANS yesterday we passed and we asked for a nice place quiet at about 700 meters, to reach it just take the road to GAP N94, the chalet is very nice furnished ikea type very particular the system of rooms clean, it is a bit sunny, but in these days the weather is bad. 




Wake up early to visit the surrounding valleys, take the D994 for a very panoramic and touristic Gap with gorges and streams that flow with very romantic refreshment points, then for REMUZAT then towards the 61 x BELLEGARDE DE DIOIS panoramic up to LUC EN DIOIS LE CLAPS then the 993 COCDECABRE winding but fun at 1180 meters towards ASPRES and then towards the house the trip about 70 km the valleys traveled are very beautiful they really deserve. 




The weather worsened tonight and it rained like never before (ufffffa) luckily we loaded the bike from dry, but we put on the rain covers, in fact shortly after we took a little rain, so the road is that of home we take for GAP the N94 then BARCELONATTE and finally the cole de la Larche on the D900 then descend from the Maddalena hill ITALY, Cuneo, Fossano, Alba, Asti, Alessandra this road is undoubtedly Longer, but less boring than Turin Milan to Alessandria we took the highway to Milan.

Our adventure is over, it was fun, fun




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