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Take a photo, tell about the photo.You who will read what you read, but where is it?
Unpretentious, ready to read
and go, without navigator, just a pinch of adventure,and a splash of probable unexpected.This is traveling. One click, a Moleskine, and a map.


Writing, imprinting on an moleskine an event, a sensation, a place.
I composed a diary for every trip,where I wrote down what I saw through writing.I have told the places with our eyes. I have written about particular places where you should go at least once.Of course they are only fragments of life, crumbs that can enrich a trip even just by reading.



.. that's right, it's a journey
made of images of our do you travel around for the world.The photo, for those who observe it for the first time,can give rise to curiosity, amazement, and much more.
For us who publish them are our memory,that memory that over the yearsit can fade it can blur.
Images are salvation,love of on the camera
will take you to the photogallery.

Brittany travel diary -2010


 Saturday 26. 10.56
 The car is not charged as usual. Departure on a sunny morning in June. This time we booked two maisons for two weeks, and therefore we only brought what we needed, for the third week we will search on site. First destination Finistère . --- Argenton --- With us there is also "She" Luisa (the navigator He knows) After various itineraries we opt, for the faster one. The availability of the first house is today and therefore away… ..! !! In Moulines about halfway through we want to stop, but no hotel in the area has a free room, so we looked at each other and decided. "OK it means it's destiny. We will drive all night" So it was. Of course, it is not a walk to drive alone, while the other ronfa.I have seen streets clear of traffic, street lamps that followed one after the other. Then ... .. after hours of solitude, the traffic started slowly and finally in the morning ....

 June 27
We have arrived. We stop in front of the white house with blue shutters, facing the ocean ... After a while here comes Helen Pouliquen we are tired. Helen makes us sit down, that will be our refuge for a week. At his sight we recover. The entrance terrace overlooks a stream where frogs croak and welcome us. It is truly welcoming. The predominant colors are white and light blue which alternating create a marine atmosphere. There is no lack of comforts, we see the TV, the dishwasher, the microwave and the refrigerator and a flaming washing machine, in short, all the equipment to make you feel at home. Networks are hanging on the wall that leads us upstairs. The skylights send a blinding glow into the rooms and the air circulates freely, bringing with it the smell of the sea.


June 28

As soon as we wake up we decide to have breakfast overlooking the ocean.There is low tide, the keels of moored boats emerge. Some lying on the right and on the left, seeing as the threatening and overbearing ocean looks like a muddy and peaceful puddle.The birds make huge banquets, even the men go into that slime made of algae and sand, looking for snails, a delicious dish. We observe this scenario, unusual for us, but we are diverted from a discussion. We immediately understand that Bretons have a fiery character.

There would have been no discussion with us on this topic.

Everything turns to the greeting that a customer did not give to the manager of the bar.The end of the world was unleashed, the customer replied in a tone and the manager was not intimidated, saying that this would have been the last time he would have served him, damn what a character ... and all for a greeting. We no longer give these things any weight, we have forgotten about education. In the evening we went in search of a restaurant, probably at this time of year they are still closed. So we moved on to Brest. At the Port we found many characteristic places. We order our first Mules and Frittes (mussels and french fries) the seagulls with their acute garrito accompany us throughout the dinner. It is 10 pm the sun is still high after about an hour. we see burning in the ocean. Once we get home we enjoy the evening well, the croaking of the frogs and the continuous roar of the stream lead us into the arms of Morpheus. What a strange feeling, we usually fall asleep with the traffic, and wake up with the alarm that trills. We are on vacation, and we begin to savor its time, timeless.


July 29

After a hearty home-made breakfast, we set off towards the coast with all our calm.We visit the town of Landernau located at the foot of Brest. It is at the point where the ocean merges with the fresh water of the Elorn. The center allows us to enter the heart of Brittany. The houses have a pitched roof made of slate and granite.

Legend has it that the Elorn River was inhabited by a huge dragon which fed on men and animals. One day a priest with particular aptitudes managed to approach him, and after a long speech he convinced the evil dragon not to taste the fragrant human flesh anymore. The city has an inhabited bridge and is one of the 45 that survived the wars. their anniversary. Even in Italy there are some examples the best is that of Bassano del Grappa. Looking at it better you can get lost in the centuries of history. How many people will have lived those places suspended on the water? How much poverty will you have seen from the damp vaults of those bridges? Walking around dinner time and with the sun still warm, we sit outside a pizzeria to enjoy the wonderful buildings of the city center.


July 30

We take the D127 on the coast and take photos. At this point, the vegetation bordering the ocean is very low in addition to the wind, also due to the salt that burns the trunks of the plants. We are caressed by this breeze. Continuing we find in a well-defined area a group of horses, which graze on an overhanging area. The chestnut coat and the massive build, lead us to think that they are Breton Horses. I read that they use them to transport the algae that come

collected from the ocean and brought to processing in the laboratories. The images that are stored on my card are infinite A foal staggers near his mother and then collapses tired on the ground.We go back to the destination road the corniche of Aber Vrac'h, a scenic road with many sites to be able to stop quietly and observe this wonderful coast . After a while you will arrive at the Plouguerneau lighthouse. The beaches are lost on the horizon white and bare of every umbrella, but saturated with colorful kites that dance happily in the wind. With this postcard we return to Argenton. In the meantime, the ocean has come back to cover the sad boats, it has come back to slap the pier that slyly awaits its low.


July 1

We still wake up incredulous to be on vacation. Thought, planned, but not even remotely thought so beautiful and peaceful. Today Saint Malò. The historic center is jealously guarded by very high walls. The imposing Grande Porte welcomes us specially built on the side of the sea to protect the port, still full of boats of all kinds. Commercially speaking, cod is its main activity. We immediately try to climb the ramparts, where you can admire, walking, the characteristic lanes and the spectacle of the ocean which seen from that height is extraordinary. Seagulls are not afraid of man. In fact, despite the river of people walking, they lean on the windowsills and garrigue continuously. The promenade continues until you see a concrete swimming pool built by the ocean, and also equipped with a trampoline .... truly special. The lapping of the water makes it fill it, it seems to be one with the sea. however I notice that the excrements of the seagulls are covering everything. The municipality must have a great cleaning job. A little pang assails us. There is no problem. Restaurants and creperies are always open. Inside the walls, an infinite offer of rooms winding one after the other where you can savor typical dishes. We stop in one of these and taste another type of crepe. It is time to move and take to Saint Michel. It is not the first time we have seen it, but a visit cannot be avoided and it is a must. The parking lot is not very crowded perhaps because it is

full afternoon, and tourists prefer to come in the evening, more suggestive. It is always exciting to be able to climb all those steps.

I stop and watch them are faded and corroded. I think of how many types of footwear have seen, from the classical Poulaine of northern Europe to the ecclesiastical one, from the sandals of the friars who, with their calmness, went up praying without admiring the surrounding landscape, you have rammed boots of the soldiers where, burdened by the armor, they burst into the fortress , to the thin and naked footprints of poor beggars who, afflicted by hunger, bivouacked along the stairs asking for a piece of bread. I turn and see Roby who is photographing, the swamp. We immediately notice that the tide is rising along the walls, just below us. In a short time the fortress is isolated from the mainland, only that man-made strip of embankment remains.We have coffee on an exposed and east facing terrace. The sun is on the other side and so, before leaving, we enjoy a beautiful view.We arrive home after dinner. The street lights are off, and so it will be throughout our stay. Probably because the day is so long that it is not convenient to turn them on. Oh well we are always equipped with a torch.


july 2

Lounging on vacation should be on the agenda.

But we usually don't do it, we are always programmed to do something. The organization is the basis for visiting more places. Well. This morning just does not talk about it. After, as always, a hearty breakfast we decide to proceed on the coast, aimlessly, to enjoy the view, without giving account to my small, impertinent logbook. Now I tell my diary what happened in front of an ATM. Argenton, we had seen one, so let's stop the car. Roby approaches the position that is falling, the sun begins to heat up and some natives walk, without giving weight to what happened. From the side lane, which leads to the beach, comes a magnificent ebony stallion. Her conductor dressed as a horsewoman, descends and casually ties the bridle of the horse to her wrist, as if she were the leash of a dog and undisturbed picks up. Behind the horse's butt, in the queue, Roby patiently waits for the woman and the stallion to finish the their operation. A scene never seen, in fact there is also a photo.


July 3

Second destination Finistere --Plogonnec--

Transfer to the other house. We move to Plogonnec we are inland, but closer to two coasts. The house of the spouses Drouot M. Jean Pierre and ... .. are waiting for us in Pennaprat loret Legites of Breizh Evasion. Upon arrival, Messrs. Drouot make us visit our two-storey house. In this house we will spend a week. The predominant color in this case is orange with all its nuances reaching brown. Chairs they are black leather. For fun we see the TV and the stereo and the wifi connection for the PC a sofa with two armchairs make up the room. The walls have the view stone, continuing you arrive in the kitchen area. In my opinion there is a decorator's hand. Nothing is missing. The bedrooms on the first floor are adorable and the bathroom has a saloon lock.


4th July

We wake up with the sun filtering through the skylight curtain. J.Pierre has provided us with many interesting itineraries. This morning we follow that of the legendary Pointe du Raz lighthouse, passing through Cap Sizun. We take the D63 to Locronan, but we do not stop, we continue towards Douarnez the city has formidable gardens, off the coast there is the island where he took refuge Tristan, it is a small Eden, to safeguard it, access is allowed only with a guide. The coast of Cap Sizun is one of the most suggestive of Finistere. Three strategic points (Cap Sizun Port Duraz and Pointe du Van) dominate the restless ocean that has tumultuously slammed on the rocks for centuries, creating in turn wonderful coasts that fall overhanging it. We can not stop and take two steps along the paths that wind along the coast overlooking the cliff. We enter and after a few steps opens a wonderful panorama. The shoes sink among the ferns that sometimes conceal the tiny path that leads to the tip. We look around and see that nature has swallowed us up to our knees, and descends steeply to the sea. The day is clear and therefore the sun shines until it tickles us on the skin that has not yet been tanned.

After a few photos we take the car and go towards the legendary Pointe du Raz lighthouse. This place is very tourist unlike the previous walk, where we didn't meet a soul, in this place the souls overflow. The cars piled up in the parking lot confirm that there are many tourists. In the square the usual shops and the information office. There are also two paths here to reach it. one about 30 minutes the other about 1.30.We prefer the fast one, by now the sun is right in the center and it is getting hot. The vegetation is non-existent, you walk on wind-smoothed rock slabs. Arrived we sit to admire it. The air that reconciles you to pleasantly sunbathe has also arrived with us. For the return we take the path that runs along the western belt. We walk between boulders and erika, between ferns and wonderful gorse. All this is due to the reconstruction that the Brittany region has had to face due to excessive tourism. After this demanding excursion we sit in one of the kiosks seen a few hours before and order crepes.


July 5

Today Locronan

It is a Breton village and all its granite houses are well preserved. The square with the cobblestones and the well, the Church of Ronan in Gothic style completes the square of the place. Once famous for its weaving, now mostly frequented by tourists who take photos around the world thus giving way to make it known. Perhaps it is for this reason that the car is parked on the edge of the town and is entirely pedestrianized. We move towards Concarneau, a fortified town containing shops of all kinds, but mostly for us tourists. We find a very unique pastry shop and the artist of sweets. He uses chocolate as raw material, in fact you can admire very appetizing works. His works have won first place in many pastry tournaments. Another purchase not to be missed are the sardines packaged in the most imaginative ways. Very suggestive the walls to enter the citadel you have to pass by the drawbridge.


July 6

We lazily head towards Quimper, the Cornish capital

We are on vacation and we do not control the weather, when we arrive we arrive. Quimper the St. Correntin cathedral fills the churchyard. It took twenty years for its restoration, now the French can sit in the crowning bars and can admire it while sipping a glass of cider. The walk winds on a pavee 'with the misaligned. We find some half-timbered houses typical of the area. The streets of the center have the names of the craft guilds of the city. Still today you can find craftsmen, potters, jewelers and stylists who have always been rooted in Cornwall.


July 7

Phares de Penmarc'h Eckmuhl.

The lighthouse can be seen at the bottom of an endless avenue. It is massive and very high for the visit, it would be necessary to climb about 350 steps and first make an incredible queue. We photograph it in its entire length.The coast of Penmarc'h had 100 fishermen families as inhabitants, who settled there precisely because of the abundance of its waters. We have also found a legend here. of the king and the head of the horse which in Breton is Penmarc'h. Prince Tristan of Léonois, is sent to Ireland by his uncle Mark king of Cornwall, with the task of bringing Isolde his betrothed back to his homeland. On the ship, Tristan and Isolde accidentally drink the filter intended to unite Isolde and her husband, King Mark, in eternal love. There are multiple endings: in some, Tristan is killed by his uncle Mark, exacerbated by his betrayal; in others, he marries and dies in his castle in Brittany, but the fate of Isolde is always to follow him to the grave.


July 8

Pont Aven awaits us today. At first glance it looks like a watercolor.We support the Aven river as far as the city adorned with colorful flowerpots.The mills and bridges that meander over the river make this town a particular Cornish niche. Here Gauguin settled and founded with other artists the Pont Aven school known all over the world. We walk through the busy streets, I seem to be walking inside a painting, countless artist shops stimulate our curiosity.

We stop to eat biscuits, they say that their birth is right here. We continue to Pointe de Travignon we reach the lighthouse through a bastion where there is water both left and right, from there you can proceed to the tip of the pier where several motionless fishermen watch their lines carefully. Every now and then some sketches come down to us, but this is only a pleasure because today

the day is just sultry. After a glance at the ocean, we see a castle built right next to the water, right at the most extreme point of the coast. It is a private area, so no visit. Let's go back to the car. Tonight Quimper will have dinner at the Kariatid. Recommended.


10th of July

The cell phone buzzer starts from the last morning. The fog has covered everything, the humidity of the night does not want to go away and still rests on the cobweb of the garden barbecue, creating an embroidery. We load the car and say goodbye to the Dourot family who warmly embrace us. Next destination is a Home on the ocean.Yesterday 9 July we were lazily hooked to the sofa or the deck chair in the garden, the only demanding job was to look for accommodation for the coming week. After a few phone calls and some research on the internet. I found it.

We proceed towards Quiberon we are in Morbihon in southern Brittany. The seaside town is Everton.

To reach the precise place we have to set up the navigator and memorize its position. We are off the map. But memorizing it will always bring us home. He is practically in a village with all the caravans and home with around your own garden. We are beyond the dunes. We hear the waves, there is no road, there is no traffic. Total silence. The owner tells us that they want to build a nuclear power plant precisely in Eden as they define it. Let's hope not, it's just a corner of paradise, to get out we have to travel a few kilometers, but it's worth it. The home is clean and tidy, the wooden terrace

so you can have lunch outside. He also left us two bicycles, but we as a lazy Milanese use the car.


July 11

Third destination Morbihon --- Everton ---

This morning after breakfast on the veranda, we take La Trinità S. Mar. A stop to take a few shots and we see the Breton classic boat sailing very slowly after this relaxing view, we head for the cultural trip.

Locmariaquer megalithic site. Absolute desolation not even a tree, we take the leaflet to get some information about these very important pieces of our history. Brittany is an open-air museum of these places there are many. Le Château de Kerguéhennec awaits us.

A huge park with an adjoining pond. Each tree is cataloged, with origin and name strictly in Latin. We also find many modern art sculptures along the various paths that wind through the park. This area has been visible since 1986 and is the largest and best stocked in Europe. To reach the castle you must, in fact, immerse yourself in this orderly nature, we come to its feet, but it is a palace not the classic castle. We are in Bignan about 20 km north of Vannes. On the first floor in this period there is the personal exhibition of Janos Ber extravagant painter. We go down and go into the premises with period furniture. The old worn-out mirrors resume our faded images. The English windows give a very aristocratic air. We go out, the weather is threatening and we decide not to go further.


July 12

It's raining us closed in the home, while it pours outside, it's not exactly what we wanted to do today. Yesterday we decided that today was to be a day of sun and sea, sea and sun. We take the car and take the N 165 to Ploermel after a couple of hours we arrive. A tour of the city and then we follow the sign for "Le Lac de duc".

It is a quiet pond. today there is a group of children intent on learning to sail. We get out of the car, for the moment it is not raining, and we enjoy the show of these kids all wrapped up, with wetsuits, life jackets and some even with headphones, who engage in unthinkable turns. Romantic dinner at home. Let it rain outside. Here we are and we listen to you carefully.


July 13

Is covered. We don't care. Let's go say hello to the ocean.

Today is Tuesday and the roads leading to the sea are free. Parking spaces areas far as the eye can see. After covering a stretch between sand and asphalt, the slight climb begins to overcome the dune. The reception is not the best, the ocean unloads all its anger, throwing high and frothy waves, leaving a dark line on the beach. They are the algae that the French collect to work them. However we walk, the moist air and the salt penetrates the bones. The lips are salty, the hair is ruffled by knotting. The panorama despite the weather is exciting. Satisfied with the walk we enter the car. Goal St. Cado another paradise. As soon as we arrive, we notice immediately

the tranquility of the place. Much of the river is a protected nature reserve, there are herons, ducks, cormorants. In the middle of the lake there is a handkerchief of stones, above it a single construction. A very small church, but full of charm and mystery.

Legend says that the parish priest wanted a bridge at all costs, so he could more easily reach his faithful on dry land. He did everything he could to build it, but all his efforts were in vain. One night Satan showed up and offered her a covenant. He would have created the bridge overnight, but the reward was very high. He wanted the first soul to cross the bridge first. The parish priest, after thinking about it for a moment, accepted. The bridge was ready the next morning, just as Satan was ready waiting for his soul that would pass on the new bridge. The parish priest set her a trap. A neat white sheep passed through the bridge as the first soul. Another legend is that St. Cado is the hearing protector. You should lie on your bed, a very smooth boulder, located behind the church after which your hearing could improve. The problem is that the smooth boulder can only be used twice a day, due to the low / high tide.After these two legends, the game is done. Looking up at that small pale building, it really seems to us that we ourselves have been teleported to one of them. From here we decide to take the D781 towards Quiberon. This town famous for being the busiest port for the island Bel ile (beautiful island) the island of poets and cyclists and also for its very fishy coast.To reach it, you travel along a strip of land that goes deeper and deeper into the ocean. Practically the D781 is covered to the end. On the sides, nature alternates alternately with low houses and dunes. The fish market and its famous spa center are suggestive once you arrive in the city.


July 14 absolute rest.


15th of July

National holiday day in Josselin. Medieval village, where all citizens dress in the clothes of the time and parade through the streets of the town. Their magnificent castle looks like the background of fairy tales. It reflects all its majesty in the river. We look around, only tourists, provided me with cameras or cameras. The village is festively dressed. A medieval character emerges from every street. The clothes are well cared for and well kept, the hair is also very

faithful to that era. Here is the start of the parade. All tourists are on the sides to allow the event to run smoothly. The photos are wasted and can be admired on our website.


July 16

morning departure for that place, in that distant moment, that

it's called Italy, what we haven't seen

……… ..dhfaieaefevnsdnsd.dvtlgob vdv fdvadvalv

there would be too much to write, so see you next time, with another episode of the French campaign. Despite many years that we spend our holidays in France we don't have

still seen everything. This year we loaded another 6000 km to our meter. 87457 km SS 24 Montgenèvre, Briançon, then the N.91 for Grenoble, towards S.Etienne Moulines Bourges, Tours, Angers, Rennes, Chateaulin, Brest.



The kilometers are approximately 1540. The figure for French motorways only has been

about € 73.





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