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Take a photo, tell about the photo.You who will read what you read, but where is it?
Unpretentious, ready to read
and go, without navigator, just a pinch of adventure,and a splash of probable unexpected.This is traveling. One click, a Moleskine, and a map.


Writing, imprinting on an moleskine an event, a sensation, a place.
I composed a diary for every trip,where I wrote down what I saw through writing.I have told the places with our eyes. I have written about particular places where you should go at least once.Of course they are only fragments of life, crumbs that can enrich a trip even just by reading.



.. that's right, it's a journey
made of images of our do you travel around for the world.The photo, for those who observe it for the first time,can give rise to curiosity, amazement, and much more.
For us who publish them are our memory,that memory that over the yearsit can fade it can blur.
Images are salvation,love of on the camera
will take you to the photogallery.

Travel diary
Spain, 2006






Sunday 25.7.2006



Finally, which have also arrived this year. Our direction is SPAIN. 

So we take for Genoa A7 at 11.00, then for Ventimiglia A10 highway Milan Ventimiglia 21.20 km 13.317 now for Nizza Autoroute 1.9 + 1.20 + 2.60 + 12.00 + 5 are all small toll booths that make you pay a tiket, except that of "le capiteau" which costs 12.00 euros, so keep a little bit of money in your pocket because you have to throw it in the baskets of the toll booths that said, here we are in Avignon it is better to go out to Avignon south to take the N86 right there, on the road, we found an Etap Hotel (chain of accommodation that is often found in France and at reasonable prices it depends on the city where you are, they are usually always located in the suburbs) is called Marguerittes (€ 47 is equipped with air conditioning  +8 € p.dej.and we also had dinner with 37 € 2 excellent carbonate and two sweet bulk wine and a water, wfi included and the price) after installing the pc we watched a movie, the rooms are very small and attention at the air conditioning system outside the heat is suffocating but in the room it is quite good





Monday 26.6

8.55 km 13656

Sole diesel intermache to montp 20 € (km 13696) 


On the outskirts of Nimes we stopped at the carrefour (where they did not take the carrefour pass)The expense of 48 € to face the trip with some cold drinks (placed in the refrigerator

that we never leave on vacation), now towards Montpellier then the 113 for 

Narbonne (cheap + fuel is found in intermache pumps or in the carrefour), now off to Perpignan one of the last French cities, before entering in Spain, but we go to Andorra the signs are very clear unlike theNime-Perpignan toll booth where you couldn't see anything and therefore I don't have the cost I will check on the return. We take the N116 we stop to visit the fortified citadel

of Villafranche de Conflant pretty in the parking lot there are the bathrooms a small breck a

walk to regain circulation two photos and then take the road to Andorra.We go through customs but do not check and we go to La Vella capital of Andorra(we did not fill up before because Andorra is free port and therefore with € 36.50 per42 liters we filled the tank costs € 0.86 per liter diesel) nothing special. The usual extra-customs city, luxury hotels, endless shops on streets without a parking lot, are underground and for a fee, of course, you can't stop anywhere fast lanes underpasses tunnels that take you to the woods in a moment out of town pa we didn't like it. We took to Figueres, Spain, but fortunately there is a village in La Seu D'urgell where we can sleep in a nice three-star hotel. Passable clean scented room with breakfast. We paid € 73.60 without breakfast € 53. OKKIO Attention, take the French or German ones luckily I brought them to attack the fridge, finally we sit in a pizzeria just ahead of none Good pizza doll two sweets water and wine 20 € (I can't believe it) also tobaccos in spain they cost less than the classic red malboros cost € 2.80.         


La Seu D'Urgell

Tuesday 27.7

7.30 km 14.850



We go down from the room to have breakfast and leave the hotel at 9.30 am the car is in the parcking the hotel looks like an ultra protected safe and we are leaving for Barcelona

take the N260 for Pugcerda and then for Ripoll taking the Toses N152

It is a panoramic road full of curves not to be missed, it is not recommended for caravans we reach the top 1,800 meters, the sun is steep and the air we feel is pleasant.  Spent to get something after the innumerable curves (€ 9) now we take the way to the Olot volcano area you can stop and take a hot air balloon ride to visit on the other hand all the now volcanoes covered by a green carpet, we instead proceed for Figueres where we go to visit the museum theater of Salvatore Dali´ already from the outside yes he sees his genius, the roof is sprinkled with white giant eggs, it cannot be explained otherwise the amazement in seeing things is lost. The vision of the painting, Gada naked looking at the sea, is to be explored . Standing at a distance of 18 meters you can see the  physiognomy of President Abraham Limcol, you will find out the rest by visiting all the rooms.If you arrive at lunchtime on the road leading to the castle there is a very comfortable picnic area. Leave your car there, cross the road and it is right in front of you. The cost is € 10.  Now we take the road to Girona N11 arrived in the city we find that a whole construction site we have noticed so far that Spain is renewing itself because there are construction sites everywhereI said let's look for the I (information) and after walking along alleys and alleys with the indications of I we decide to leave the city because the hotels are too expensive, so we take the N165 that takes us to Sant Feliu a nice town on the sea with sand that almost enters the hotel halls, we visit some of them, until we find the Eden Roc, it is a resort with twenty-four entrances, three swimming pools, tennis courts and more, the room is very hot, there is no air conditioning, but we are equipped and in addition to the fridge we also always have a fan of the vertical ones and we put it into use, the furniture is all in wicker with burgundy velvet curtains the ceiling is stucco and in the bathroom surprise ... there is a whirlpool. For dinner we decide to go out, there is no one around because there is the match spain france, we stop in a restaurant where we order the paella wine water and the sweet Catalan cream not to be missed for 34 € ps Spaniards were a bit amortized as the French won.     



Sant Feliu

Wednesday 28.8

7.30 km 14.383



Get up early this morning to go down for breakfast, we got lost in it

various rooms, but when we arrived in the breakfast room the show was fabulous,

there is mirrored in the sea a whole window adorned with mustard- colored drapes and sand 

they tie in half the window with very special tassels, people were all poured out  

on the buffett that was in the center of the room and all around the round tables with countless 

tablecloths placemats napkins etc. etc. after these brief introduction breakfast and go

cost 70 € + 14 € petit dej. Tax 7 tot 89.88 € Now we take the road to Tossa de Mar a solemn chaos seems to be riccione or rimini a confusion and then off to Malgrat spesiana al carrefour 39.30 €  

We arrive in Barcelona , which confusion New York and Paris together do not make the traffic

that there is in Barcelona we take the fast-moving roads you can no longer get out it is better to take the sides after a bit of confidence we manage to get to one of the many towns (city center) we find the information 30 minutes queue to have faded photocopies where to find the hotels I state no one who knew Italian we stop in a side street in the center of Via Napolis and we are snatched by two Maghrebi here ends our visit to spain, advice at the cost of becoming rude not stop if someone makes you sign that he is in trouble, let alone give information to strangers is a moment that you rub the wallet, unfortunately it happened, but it could so it also happens at home, we shot the coche and went homeafter making a complaint, the policemen are very kind and helpful, the return is simple straight to the house to redo everything, in the city the hotels are too expensive so we decide to go to the sea we take the N65 that takes us to Sant Feliu town cute sea with sand enters almost into the hotel lobby I visit someone until we find one, Eden Roc.    




Below is our showcase on the world. We liked being able to share our creations with the web objects, all completely handmade. For each object you will find a description and its use. It is obvious that being unique pieces, they cannot be identical, because precisely created one at a time, with patience and passion.if you have any ideasacome up when you see them, just contact us and your project will be carried out together.



.... if you have come up to here, we thank you with this latest gem.Take a look inside this room and you will find little stories from our life.




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