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Take a photo, tell about the photo.You who will read what you read, but where is it?
Unpretentious, ready to read
and go, without navigator, just a pinch of adventure,and a splash of probable unexpected.This is traveling. One click, a Moleskine, and a map.


Writing, imprinting on an moleskine an event, a sensation, a place.
I composed a diary for every trip,where I wrote down what I saw through writing.I have told the places with our eyes. I have written about particular places where you should go at least once.Of course they are only fragments of life, crumbs that can enrich a trip even just by reading.



.. that's right, it's a journey
made of images of our do you travel around for the world.The photo, for those who observe it for the first time,can give rise to curiosity, amazement, and much more.
For us who publish them are our memory,that memory that over the yearsit can fade it can blur.
Images are salvation,love of on the camera
will take you to the photogallery.

Brittany travel diary 2015



Brittany with dogs 2015





We arrived on June 27, 2015 and for this year we have decided to venture with our two dogs in Brittany.We booked in advance a house with a garden in Plouezec in the Côtes- d'Armor. The owner is called Isabelle.Departure at 2.00 at night with 64577 km we see on the return on 17/7 how many we would have loaded.We face Mont Blanc, never done, we arrive at the entrance of the gallery which starts on Saturday after delivering 44,200 euros to the toll booth.We put on the tunnel which is very long and narrow. We see that it is old.At the exit we begin to have breakfast of the day on French soil.

The tips of the Alps are illuminated by the rising sun, hoping to accompany us to cold and windy Brittany.Before leaving we made a small map to check the navigator.

Here is the road which in our opinion is the shortest.Tunnel m.bianco, Chamonix, Genevra then for 62 (of course you must have the badge even if we have not crossed any borders, mah ..), for France Macon, Moulins, MontMarault, take the E11, Bourges, Vierzon, Chenonceaux, Chateau du loir, Le Mans, Lavel, Vitre-Rennes, Saint Briec. and finally the long-awaited PLOUZEC cartel. here we are at 19, after about 17 hours of travel.

With dogs you have to stop frequently, but they were very good and comfortably spread out in the entire trunk of the car.Here we are looking for the ocean we take for Pors-Even, Ploubazlanec we go down by car to the pier. Let's take two steps with Shana and Goku for the first time smelling the ocean air. Around there is a place where mules and hotries cook. In fact there is the company next to it and that is its refreshment point only at noon a few photos to capture the start of the holidays.A nice place to eat crepe or galette is the Creperia le mouline de la galette lezardieux. The place is typical of the area with bersò and tables in an old period farmhouse. Inside we find that it is from the 1700s the furniture is very nice we see baskets all well supported on the balcony above, the huge fireplace that fills the large room with the white wooden chairs, in short, a really nice place. Cups to savor the cider on the table. In fact, Breton galette with dry cider as dessert is the typical Breton plum pie. All delicious.For parking if you are lucky right in front there are very prosperous trees where, between one and the other, the cars are comfortably there.Markets can be found every day. We make that of Paimpol, very large and assorted. In fact, it extends through all the streets of the center, also covering magnificent buildings and the cathedral. However, the colors and scents are unique to these places, and not only that, we find a lady in a corner with a beautiful stage dress who sings the vie en rose without a microphone. She is a very old lady, but with a unique verve, she sings and all passersby listen to her until the end, then complimenting her. I heard that Madame is 84 years old. Getting there!!! The tourist office is right at the beginning of the center, where on non-market days it can also be traveled by car.For photography enthusiasts beyond the landscapes that are magnificent here, we have found a very particular Abbey:Abbaye Maritime de Beauport Route de Kérity Paimpol.This abbey overlooks the bay of Paimpol, was founded by the Order of Prémonté in 1202, lasted six centuries, then was bought by a private family until arriving in 1992 who entrusted it to the "Conservatoire du littoral". Since then, the public can admire it in all its majesty and theatricality, given the lack of a roof. So the visit is very long because it winds between streams of water and terraced gardens, between fields, and moors, between beaches ... in short, the paradise of the photographer and those who are passionate about history.Shaded and free parking, the visit is 6 euros, for explanations there are points where, sitting on cubes, you can listen in your own language.


Le MOULIN DE CRACA right in Plouezec. This mill is in an enviable position, as well as being always ventilated, which is logical for the arrangement of a mill, this has a priceless view of the bay you can see many islets and if you want you can visit it with "friends of the mill" as well I call myself the volunteers who tell his story, all for free, even parking is free.

Around the cliffs

Pointe de bilfort Plouzec we start with this, we get very well to the tip, the parking lot is wild, where there is a granite table that explains where we are and what we are observing. Splendid panorama, the wind blows, and if it is sunny you risk sunburn.


Pointe de minard Plouzec. Convenient parking. The view here is also breathtaking. As always around there are many paths for those who want to walk the old customs ways. So these walkways along the cliff are said.


We tried to eat pizza. Precisely from Pili Pili in the village right in front of the church. We sat down at tables outside, protected by the windbreaker and in fact it was fine. After choosing it and a fair wait here comes. Good result, despite the electric oven. The dessert completed the dinner, for 38 euros. No coffee because it is very long.

The trip to Treguier was for the Wednesday market, a cute little boy unfolds in the narrow streets of the center and then flows into the large town square. The country still has medieval features and is well maintained. The Saint-Tugdual cathedral undoubtedly deserves a view.

We don't miss the Castles either.

Chateaux roche la jagu in Ploezal. Castle of the fifteenth century now inside there are cultural exhibitions and playful and interactive routes. Very interesting, from botany, to the use of spices, etc. The visit runs throughout the construction up to the towers. A series of degrading stairs lead up to the last tower, where even here you can admire plays of light and more. The garden houses an olfactory botanical garden, the pond can be admired under the walls and all around an immense park where you can freely walk reading the origin of the plants and flowers. The parking lot is not very shady, but large, there are parking spaces for disabled people, but I think only for the garden, the visit to the castle is unthinkable. Cost 5 euros attention to the times the visit is without a guide, but inside each room there are explanatory tables.




Below is our showcase on the world. We liked being able to share our creations with the web objects, all completely handmade. For each object you will find a description and its use. It is obvious that being unique pieces, they cannot be identical, because precisely created one at a time, with patience and passion.if you have any ideasacome up when you see them, just contact us and your project will be carried out together.



.... if you have come up to here, we thank you with this latest gem.Take a look inside this room and you will find little stories from our life.




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