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Take a photo, tell about the photo.You who will read what you read, but where is it?
Unpretentious, ready to read
and go, without navigator, just a pinch of adventure,and a splash of probable unexpected.This is traveling. One click, a Moleskine, and a map.


Writing, imprinting on an moleskine an event, a sensation, a place.
I composed a diary for every trip,where I wrote down what I saw through writing.I have told the places with our eyes. I have written about particular places where you should go at least once.Of course they are only fragments of life, crumbs that can enrich a trip even just by reading.



.. that's right, it's a journey
made of images of our do you travel around for the world.The photo, for those who observe it for the first time,can give rise to curiosity, amazement, and much more.
For us who publish them are our memory,that memory that over the yearsit can fade it can blur.
Images are salvation,love of on the camera
will take you to the photogallery.

France travel diary 2013




Below is our showcase on the world. We liked being able to share our creations with the web objects, all completely handmade. For each object you will find a description and its use. It is obvious that being unique pieces, they cannot be identical, because precisely created one at a time, with patience and passion.if you have any ideasacome up when you see them, just contact us and your project will be carried out together.



.... if you have come up to here, we thank you with this latest gem.Take a look inside this room and you will find little stories from our life.

Holidays 2013 Le Barcares  



Saturday 22 June

The car is loaded and the speedometer shows 24248.

Holidays begin, this year we take Shana with us, we took a terraced house in Le Barcares, we will go to the Pyrenees Orientales, to the sea. The house is in a residence, with a small garden

closed overlooking a small quiet bay. Roberto and Shana are by car. Let's go.

Milan, Nice, Salon en Pravance, Montpellier, Le Barcares. km 24990, this year we are closer to home. The highway is not direct, there are many small stretches, and for each piece, you have to pay with money. In short, not really comfortable. Here we are in Barcares, just like in the photo, we enter a fenced area where there are other villas, then our small garden, and you enter on the ground floor we find everything you need, the French window of the room overlooks another garden accompanied by a grill, umbrella, and beyond the hedge and a wooden gate, the bay. Upstairs the bedrooms. Everything clean and tidy.

Monday June 24

I take Shana and take her for a ride around the salt lake, there is wind and the sun is not willing to warm up, it is too early. We go back in and have breakfast with Roby who got up in the meantime. We have to fill the pantry and then we decide to go to Perpignan

To inaugurate the start of the holidays we go out to dinner in Le front de Mar, of course

take the mules + fried, the first of a long series. We are fond of it.

Tuesday 25 June

Breakfast and then lounge around, a stroll with Shana, then we enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this place.

Wednesday June 26

Today market in Barcares, we have to take the car because it is a little distant, we also buy the prawns, which we will do on the grill for noon. Here are also the night markets, that is until 11 pm for example piazza della repubblica on Monday and Wednesday, or piazza martinique on Friday and Sunday, instead the artisan one every evening at the port. Very beautifull.

Thursday June 27

Today's destination is Villafranche de Conflent on the D116, it is a fortified citadel. Recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage, because of its walls which were built in the 9th and are erected at the confluence of three rivers. The citadel inside is welcoming, with shops and restaurants, in the center of the streets there are always the drains for water. The castle is private and can only be visited by appointment. Whether they are in the Cerdagna valley on the border with Spain, we want to go even further into this wonderful green valley overlooking the Tet, Candy, and Rotja rivers. We take the D116 again and go uphill and after a road at how tortuous we are in Saint Martin du Canigou, we find a place in the second parking lot, because the first one is complete. We then discover that to go up to the Abbey you need to take the bus, the sun is high and Shana cannot go up, so we reluctantly retrace our steps. Timetables of the shuttle to the top are from 9.30 to 16.30. We decide to take the D27 and proceed towards Fillols then I had read about the abbey of Saint Michel in Cuxa, beautiful, with a history full of events, we approach and unfortunately the dogs cannot enter. We are in a country where dogs are placed before humans and instead it is not so. So we admire it from the outside, majestic, at the foot of the Pyrenees surrounded by greenery. In short, not to be missed., But without animals. Since I'm not discouraged, I immediately found the alternative, in Bouleternere, we take the D618 and we climb up a road that climbs up to reach Le Prieure de Serrabona, it is a priory. Parking is free, and you can walk with dogs inside the garden. Roberto enters 4 euros. Walking I see that there are vegetable gardens, with officinal plants, the path runs around the abbey, very nice. The church view is not very furnished, but you can see colored marble capitals, very particular.

Friday 28 June

We get up early because we want to go to the beach with Shana, Yes, beach, we have Shana and therefore we look for where they accept dogs. Despite we are in a super civilized country, the areas for furry 4-legged people are few. I searched and found a free shoreline, where dogs can run around without anyone saying anything. We take the ST 84a for Canet then for St. Cyprien. It is a strip of land where we find water on the right and on the left. On the right side advancing towards St. Cyprien there are the free ones. In fact, we stop almost at the end, unload mats, handbags, etc. We follow a path that leads us to the dunes, then, afterwards, here is the sea. Needless to say, the beach is spotlessly clean although there are no guardians or lifeguards. The people who bring their animals, as always happens here, collect everything both poop and ice cream cards thrown by their children, let alone cigarette butts. There is none of this, but only remains that the sea brings, therefore stones of all kinds, pieces of branches. All the Italians who come from these parts, but even if they go to Normandy and Brittany, are amazed by the cleanliness. Of course the French care about their territory, they know that they will pass us back from there and that that place must be in the same state as they left it. Well we settle in a point of the immense beach. We cremate ourselves and Shana sits quietly. After a while it's bath time and it's 12.30 both enter. The dog with the leash makes the first approach with the sea water. The first thing he does "drinks" then with a spit grimace, but since Roby has thrown himself too, with a little diffidence he makes his first dive. Around 15 we take the car and take a tour of the classic seaside town of St. Cyprian. Hotel restaurants and a wagon of shops. Then home toast two filled the languarino that in the meantime had appeared in our stomachs.

Thursday 2 July

It is a wonderful day, today in Castelnou, I had read that it is a gem. Perpignan towards Thuir then the D48. This is the indication to get to this wonder.
After an uphill and slightly winding road you arrive at a clearing where you can stop to admire the view. You arrive at the parking lot, free of charge and in some places shaded.
You proceed on foot for a few hundred meters uphill and enter through one of the 4 doors like the cardinal points, which if necessary could be closed, this is the medieval one, inside there are narrow streets colored by vases of flowers and goods that the craftsmen display.
The shops are all with free entry, and the smiling owners welcome you with a warm good morning. Today there are about 300 inhabitants. We proceed towards the central path made of small pebbles, at the top we reach the indications for the castle. After a panoramic path we are at the entrance 5.5 euros for the visit. Next to the ticket office there is the castle cellar, where you can taste excellent local wines. The girl asks for the source and gives me a plasticized sheet where I find a lot of information. You enter on the left you can visit the various gardens clinging to the mountain, straight on you enter the castle, but only facing a staircase worn down by centuries. A small door welcomes the tourist and the visit begins there. It is a pity that the rooms are not furnished, but the municipality created some scenes of the time with dummies. But the very shady gardens with benches and tables, and the flowered terraces obscure that lack. You can spend a couple of hours in a truly unique atmosphere. Inside you can find: a permanent exhibition of the artist on duty and a restaurant that we found under renovation. The bathrooms are hidden in the greenery. Excellent place to visit, access to dogs on a leash of course. This is a site identified as one of the most beautiful villages in France. Now we take the D615 and go to visit its majesty. Ille sur tet I bow to the work of nature, which in the same way, water, wind and the fire of the sun, has smoothed, corroded, modeled this site. You can already see it from the street. You can park comfortably in the shade, there are also picnic tables. (the French put them everywhere, nice habit.) At the entrance with 4.50 euros per person you can enter and also deliver a brochure with very detailed explanations. Before you can see them up close, you have to walk a sandy path, in the midst of low vegetation and iron sculptures. Then you get to the blinding wall, I recommend sunglasses. The length of the visit is based on the attraction you have for this place. In fact, you can't raise your voice, there are spaces where you can see people meditating at his feet, people reading, and others like us who simply take photos. But with a professional machine, the cell phone cannot capture all its size and brightness.

Friday 3rd July

Today Les Gorges de la Fou Da Ceret take the D115. On the way you can't miss the invitation to the caves. The cages are very useful for our dog friends. There is a bar and restaurant and the ticket office, parking for the disabled, although I don't know how they can do the route. The parking lots are three on three levels. The July 2013 ticket costs 9.50 but there are also other combinations, such as groups and children. At the entrance they deliver a piece of paper with "poor indications" and the helmet that you must not, never absolutely remove. As soon as you see a huge billboard inside, when you arrive at table 33 you will have finished the path which consists of 1,500 meters of which about 250 steps.I suffer from vertigo, but the walkway is not very high by the river that flows impetuously under our feet, which step by step step by step lead us without their knowledge into a truly unique experience. I don't say anything else, I just write that it is the narrowest throat in the world.Me I am documented on the internet and I found that linked to this gorge there are legends.This is one. Over 155 years ago, a stagecoach from Trabucayres (they were bandits on the border who attacked all the carriages that passed on their way) hid in the caves with their booty to escape the soldiers. Then they were arrested and executed in 1846 in Perpignan and their treasure was never found hidden in the gorges today.
Ps. when you go out you return the helmet, but first you have to dip it in a tub with disinfectant. Very intelligent as an idea. Shana stayed at home, it was a very hot day and knowing her in a cage was not beautiful at all.

Saturday 4th July

After a hearty breakfast at home admiring our bay, we take the D81, then we are on the D81a coast, then at the indication we veer for Palau de Vidre, we will see the glass working. You arrive in this town entirely articulated on paths that can be traveled by car, but be careful that it is two-way. The advertising of the building and of the place where one can witness the transformation of the glass is not very visible. Then enter the city and look for the palace which is hidden behind other houses. The car parks are those of a country, because the site does not have an internal car park. So with so much patience we find a parcking. It is a huge shop very high because of the vacuums, everyone can access it and it's free. In front of an elevated stage there are the two turn taps that work the glass. They blow into a long pipe, manipulate it with forms suitable for this, heat it, work it again and again. Here is the vase. There is no one who explains the processing, although it is very intuitive, but it would have been better to pay and have some more info. The development takes about 15 minutes after you can get busy admiring the wonderful glass works that the craftsmen have made. A sign asks you "Since you have not paid for the ticket, now, you could contribute with the purchase of a souvenir". The poorest one costs 50 euros. Just after the corner on the square hidden among the fresh plants you can see the museum. Too bad it's closed only open from July 7 onwards. What a disaster, wouldn't it have been better to leave it always open, since the glass craftsmen work from 10 to 12.30 and from 15 to 19? I read that in August they do the glass festival. But for those who travel in the other 11 months, nothing? We came away a little disappointed. Strange, the French are very specific for these activities and always welcome tourists everywhere. We continue on the D618 then the D900 up to Ecurios where we will visit Le Fort De Bellagarde. This site was built on the borders of the world. Between France and Spain, it is now located in no man's land, it can be seen when from the top of the terrace of the Fort you can see the signs on the left France on the right Spain and in the middle c 'and he.This huge building, a fort that for some years has also experienced the splendor of the castle.The parking lots are many and are located right under the walls and are free, shaded depending on the time of arrival. Not recommended for disabled people. You enter from the classic drawbridge, the water below is greenish, but you can see some fervent orange fish. We proceed for a steep climb where in the middle on the left there is the acuill the ticket costs 4 euros, if you have the carnet 3 euros. They also give you the plan with the path and a plasticized sheet where the story is explained. On booking you can also have guides. We proceed, under the half-day sun, our visit. The parade ground that presents itself is a bit neglected. The green of the lawn is now hay. We follow the disused barracks arrows we arrive at the well still functioning and very deep, the water is NOT drinkable. Between low and narrow doors and very high steps we reach the walkway inside the walls. The view is beautiful, fortunately the wind has decreased to make room for the warm lunchtime. Some photos from the various turrets are customary. You can also see the huge open space with stone houses without a roof, where the soldiers lived. From this point the fortress could dominate the two catalogne. We find the bathrooms clean, but you don't have to drink the water. Then we see the magnificent oven, entering, unbelievable you can still smell the burnt wood. If you stop for a moment and close your eyes you can guess the life of the barracks, the noise, the orders, the smell of the bread that comes out of the cellar windows, where the ovens are installed. In short, the visit was really interesting. It is a pity that the region, despite having already done a lot, cannot improve it, but this does not mean it is not worth a visit, just for the chance to say. "I was in the middle ground." Even if tired of the day, tonight we will go to the night market, by the sea. The parking lots are many, like the restaurants c they overlook the avenue, on the banquets there is every good thing, from the craftsman who carves the wood and then sells his artifacts, to the newly created costume jewelery, to the artist who creates the bags and paints the fabric. In short, a town that beats an artisan and cosmopolitan heart.

Sunday 5th July

Destination the Galamus gorges we take the D117 and we travel towards St Paul de Fenouillet, then we proceed among vineyards and soft plateaus. On the horizon, looking up, they can be seen from afar on top of the building mountains. It is the Cathar castles that control the valley. Now there are no more wars and looting, the plain below is cultivated and we can admire the vines perfectly aligned. Occasionally you will come across some constructions to be able to taste the excellent wine produced in the area. At the junction take the D7 and first calmly then increasingly steeply we arrive, between a hairpin and a breathtaking view, to the gorges. One cannot fail to see the arrival of the beginning of the gorges. A sign indicates this. In July and August from 13 to 19 there is a traffic light that alternates traffic. In fact, we wait for 13 then, without having the problem of finding someone in the opposite direction, we travel along that track sometimes very dizzying even from the car. The overhang that emerges is truly of rare beauty the limestone rock that plunges into the narrow hole towards the valley, does not even glimpse the flowing river. The parapets are made of rock and the curves are sometimes cranked, so as to be careful not to hit the protective wall. However, everything is safe. You can't stop to the top, when we arrive we see a hut selling souvenirs and some sandwiches. We read and see that a minibus leaves from here and makes the tour of the whole route is an 8-seater that proceeds slowly on the road to give tourists the opportunity to observe, and take some photos. The brochure says it's free, instead it costs 0.50 cents, but it's worth it. I took the photos we took from our sunroof. If you prefer to walk among nature, you will also find paths. One in particular can take you to the very impressive Hermitage de Saint-Antoine. It starts from the hut and proceeds along a path along the mountain. The road, this road was built by a Spanish engineer named Ventura who together with 4 workers managed to give us these wonderful passages and to be able to walk them. Excellent day to spend in the air and in contact with nature, also cultivating a little history.

Tuesday 7 July

today we leave Shana at home, because we will take the Train Jaunas. Yellow train.
Le train jaun "panoramic and fascinating" yellow and red like the Catalan flag. In fact, this small train has brought us to the borders with Spain. We took it from Villafrenche at 9.30 and went down to Fort Roumen. The day before we went to inquire, since the site, not a lot of info. Parking costs 3 euros per day. The cost of the route chosen by us was € 24.80 per person. The train is presented in wagons with windows that open and a carriage completely uncovered, but not communicating with the other wagons. So if you decide to get on, then you can no longer change, until the scheduled stops. The interior of the covered one has padded seats, unlike the uncovered one which is equipped only with benches, above the heads there are the luggage racks and the wagon is one so even if it is not open the view is assured. The power supply is electric under some cars there is a jaw that alternately hooks onto the track thus giving way to the train to travel at 20 km per hour. The photos can be taken comfortably even from the terraces that of the wagons themselves, but also inside. We start and some stops skip them because they are optional, at the discretion of the chef. Romanesque bridges intersect, vaulted cliffs and breathtaking waterfalls that flow into a valley that does not see the end because of the height of the railway. For the position it is indifferent, on the way to one side then to the return from the same, since it proceeds in the opposite direction, but the view is absolutely different. Many people go down to Mont S.Luis, we went to the end of the line. We took the 10 o'clock one with arrival in Fort Roman at 11.51 am. Once arrived, the air was cooler the height was 1300mt. In Fort Roman there is nothing, but nothing at all, only a small station where three employees give tourists explanations of how to get to the village, or where to have a picnic. So we got back on the same car and waited 15 minutes to leave for home. Halfway through, we crossed what was going up, the track is unique, so it is very important to wait for the other to coincide.There are some galleries that are not perfectly dry, therefore those of the open carriage began to g
laugh for the icy drops that come on you. Ah Ah, we instead dry. However, if you pass these parts a ride on this tourist train is to be done.It is certainly a little expensive if you have a family, but I have seen that there are combinations of both length, the first stop is in Perpignan the last one in Carol and the stay on the train is 4 hours, both on combinations for parents, children and groups. The trait that we did was very nice. There are many sites that talk about him. Our stomach is empty we stop at the station restaurant. A little expensive, but in that moment it was perfect. The afternoon program includes a stop in Eus. This too is one of the most beautiful villages in France. We climb the car to the top. We find a place right next to the climb. It is a village with houses made of stone, with its restaurants with idyllic views. The streets are narrow between very old houses. After the climb you arrive in a small square where a bench invites the guest to a stop, not only to rest, but also to savor that unique flavor of a village that has remained as it was. We continue and after stone steps and tunnels we arrive at the church of San Vincenzo. The view from the church is truly special. We go down to the parking lot and we see that the doors of the houses are wide open and inside there are crafts displayed. A postcard from the other world. The population has shrunk significantly over the years, especially after the war. In winter only 402 people live there. I hope they never leave this postcard, it would be a shame.

Thursday 9 July

Today is the penultimate day and we will spend it visiting Ponteilla Jardin & Scientifique. On an area of ​​3 hectares you will find more than 1400 varieties of plants. All from the five continents. The settings are very welcoming, no stuffy pavilions, but you can walk under the sky. From time to time there is some key to press and small fountains that turn. But the most useful thing, given the sun always peak, in the path there are points of relaxation, where by pressing a tap and placing it under it, water spray will come out, this to make the visit to you and your dog more peaceful. In addition to having this nice idea, the dining options include benches made of trunks and canopies of creepers. In short, you cannot reveal everything about such an imposing and I think unique garden. Water is not drinkable. Then if there are children there is the scientific technological path, where children can exhibit all their skill and speed. Parking is outside is unattended, free and shaded. Dogs on a leash. As soon as you enter the bathrooms, a very cordial gentleman welcomes visitors, telling them briefly how the visit will take place independently. In fact, you are provided with a plastic sheet where there is a map, you have to follow the path and the numbers that are on the white stakes, the yellow ones are for the emergency exit. The length is 1,500 meters, and the time of the visit depends on the curiosity of the guest. The full price cost 6 euros with the pass 5 euros. Then there are the combinations for the kids, the technological path 5 euros less than 5 years free. I have not seen entrances and routes for disabled people. Directions Route de Nyls 66300 Ponteilla from the highway exit Perpignan Sud. Tomorrow we return home and we will also take this experience home.


Some tips on where to eat.

Del la mer 43 Avenue Annibal, 66420 Le Barcares, France. Here my husband and I ate the moules and the dessert accompanied by an excellent rosé.
The mussels were excellent the divine brodetto. The fast and accurate service. Then after a few days we ate pizza. The oven is electric and therefore the pizza does not have that good wood flavor.
All in all it was good, very well seasoned, very tasty. The dessert I had gourmant coffee. For those with a sweet tooth this is a perfect dessert. They carry an oval plate with a cup of coffee in the center and many small samples of desserts around it. Finally, this evening we stopped and enjoyed the bar. In all cases the service was quick and accurate. On another day we have the excellent fish axle 26.50 Try it

Le Pyreneen 9 boulevard de la Côté Vermeille, 66420 Le Barcares, France The decor of the exterior leaves something to be desired. But the important thing is to eat. The chairs are comfortable and do not suffocate, because you are sitting under the arcades and not under a big top. The staff are quick and accurate. We took the Moules and they were a good thing, even the chips. The Catalan was really good to finish. So I recommend Quality price valid. I looked at the courses at the other tables and the dishes overflowed with food. For the hungry this is the right place, you can eat a lot and spend little. Rimini pizza excellent pizza. We took Napoli and all the 

ingredients was really good. Also particular is the dessert we ordered. Creme brulee orange. It had some very special pieces of orange peel inside. We sat outside, practically on the square. The service is normal and kindness as well.

Some practical suggestions.

Life is more or less like us in Italy. Carrefour's fuel pump always has discounted prices. Diesel at 1,298 / 1,300. In Barcares the Super U has low prices, it is also open on Sunday mornings. Barcares are there every day, they are not always in the center, but in the various marinas of the town. For information, the tourist office is located right in the center of the Office de Tourisme de Barcares Place de la République. They are not particularly expansive and talkative, so prepare yourself with many questions, because they will not say a word more than necessary. Always ask for passes when you go to a tourist office, so attractions will cost you less. If you rent a house, the lock is different from ours. Here they use that the handle is brought to the top, a clack must be heard, after which the door can be locked. For opening it is normal. Insert the key and turn. If you love animals, especially dogs, remember the bags and if you look around you will also find the trash bin and clean bags offered by the municipality. On the beach you don't smoke, unless you have the beach ashtray. All the beaches, both free ones, where you can take our dog friends, and the controlled ones, are very clean. In all the restaurants for our 4-legged friends there is always a bowl of water. Coffee should be taken seated, never standing. At the supermarket, do not look for the glove for fruit and vegetables, they only have the bag, and sometimes they do the weight at the checkout. If you like breadsticks, bring them from home, here they cost 4 euros a packet.


Mileage started with 24248 km. arrived at home 27611 km.




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