All began during the summer of 1998 when my husband and I took the decision to go on holiday by car

 and make the so-called alternative holidays. 

So we leaved with our Twingo ,it was the same color of the moon, and we directed to France. 

From that distant day, we made too many kilometres with our car, touring everywhere.  96.180 km


 Caen - the city of  dukes and blonde stones (normandy) 

Concarneau - the citadel (bretagne) 

Coutances Cathedral the jewel of Gothic art and an unforgettable public garden (normandy) 

Laon ex capital of France (picardie) 

Leguernò without boundaries (bretagne) 

Josselin the imaginary human castle (bretagne) 

Saint Michel the enchanting island (normandy) 

Versailles coffer of France (isle of france) 

The puy-ens - velay a Unesco patrimony, two peaks challenging toward the sky (auvergne) 

Fort boyar there is no  escape from here (maritime charente)  

Biarritz a very important "seaside resort” " (aquitania) 

Chateau de beaumesnil the Versailles of normandie 

Carcassonne the legend of Carcas that plays and its fantastic castle (languedoc) 

Abbey of Senanquè the lavender and its monks (provence) 

Saint Marie de the Maire a paradise of salt, sand and horses (camarque) 

Gole del Verdon the French grand canyon (provence) 

Roussillon the ocher color country (provence) 

Dinan the cobbled city with the half– timbered houses (bretagne) 

Perpignan Coblas’ sounds plays in every place (languedoc)   

Gole della Nesque a light between galleries and cliff, a wonder between canyons and cliff (provence) 

Millau the highest bridge in Europe (midi pyrenees )

Pau the city and its pyrenees 

Croisic sentinel of the Atlantic ocean

Chateau Balleory the castle of hot-air balloons 

Landernau city with inhabited bridges, very few in the world  

Pont aven the watercolour of Finistere 

Saint Cado the legend of the devil and the bridge 

The Brocelandia forest, the dame of the lake and magician Merlin   

Jardin decastillon a romantic walk among themed environments


Brugge the Belgium medieval pearl or the Italian Venice? 

Bruxelles between laces and channels 


Batalha the chapel without the sky 

Tomar and the Templar  castle

Guimaraes the Portuguese nationality cradle

Peniche the last crumb of earth before the unknown


Volterra with its traces of Etruscan and alabaster 

Santafiora a village with a tender heart  

Larderello with its geothermic energy production in the valley of the devil 


Castelluccio a mosaic of colors during  seeding of lentils 

Valnerina a whole of art and culture, nature, spirituality and endless bends. 

Capocaccia after its 656 steps the landscape is assured

Portoconte lighthouse alias the ark of noah 

Punta cristallo a calcareous cliff from where you can admire the infinity 

Brunico climbing with cool weather

Passo Rombo and its gallery which closes with the door in the evening.

Marotta the sand, the sea and its calm 

Radicondoli a suspended postcard above the fireplace 

Casole val d’Elsa and its mild patience 

Scorgiano and its black pigs, its seasoned cheese and its red wine 

Colle val d’Elsa of its  crystals 


 Pacific grove the Eden for painters 

"17 mile drives" cypresse free zones ant the solitary cypress 

Chinese theatre and its more signed tiles in the world 

San Diego Sea world the first aquatic park in the world 

NY central station a vagabond folk

Central park the lung of  new yorkers 

Harlem the descent in the dark 

Soho the most trendy district of NY 


Sagrada famiglia the patience of a whole life 

                                                                                             Figueres S. Dalì  and its introspective theatre